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How to make the glass machinery industry in China?(发布日期:2014-12-06 13:58:25)

      In 1994, with independent intellectual property rights of the domestic level of Kun - tempered glass equipment successfully put into operation, opened a new chapter in China's glass deep processing equipment manufacturing industry. The last 10 years is the fastest development of glass equipment manufacturing in China for 10 years. The number of enterprises from the original twenty or thirty growth to the present more than 100, pretreatment, tempered glass, hollow, laminated, coating machine series products serializing the, forming production base in Guangdong, Luoyang, Shandong, Hebei and other manufacturing equipment for glass, 2011 equipment output value reached 100 billion yuan.

 In 2012, the domestic equipment price is low, the price ratio is good, and the production cost of our country deep processing glass is reduced.. China's deep processing of glass products over 80% by domestic equipment production, for the development of our glass industry to play a strong support role.

  Grasp the focus and direction of glass processing

  In the two major application areas of building and car, glass products as a basic material, increasingly play more roles, further to the diversification of features, weight, shape complex development. This all brings more chances and challenge to glass production and processing equipment.

 Architectural glass, Low-e will become the mainstream of development. LOW-E glass is the fastest growing product in the past 10 years.. Oil and other energy crisis will promote the world more attention to energy saving, the corresponding laws and regulations will gradually establish and improve.

  The building safety regulations of many countries have mandatory requirements for the use of building glass, and the requirements of high-rise buildings and energy saving will promote the safety of Low-e glass and continue to go higher. Low-e glass production and processing equipment to become the focus of major glass equipment manufacturers, who won the battle, who will win the future.

  Follow the trend of auto development, automotive glass is personalized, environment friendly, comfortable, safer, easy to communicate and other direction of development. At present, the development trend of the world glass processing equipment is the flexible production process, the production equipment and the multi-function, and the process flow has the high repeatability, making the process more accurate.. The equipment control realizes the automation, guarantees the processing the glass in the high temperature, the high speed and the high accuracy no flaw, and achieves the request size tolerance.  

     The thickness of the car and the building glass is reduced, and the thin glass to the glass deep processing equipment and processing technology to put forward higher requirements. A lot of glass deep processing enterprises are improving the production efficiency of production line, integrating deep processing and production process flow.. At the same time, the equipment is assembled by using modular and equipment production enterprises and global information service system of continuous improvement, through real-time communication technology provides fast protection of equipment, these have become the future of glass deep processing equipment development trend.

  Exploit the international market of small and medium enterprises to develop funds

  Small and medium-sized enterprises in international market development funds refers to the central government to support small and medium-sized enterprises to develop international market the business and activities of the government budget funds and local financial arrange special funds. It is divided into central use and local use of two parts, the implementation of central and local level two management. The local use of the special funds allocated by the central budget and the special funds and the local financial arrangement of the special funds. Since 2002, the tablet glass and deep processing equipment industry each year about 12 central management companies or groups to obtain support for the project. Deep processing of glass and equipment manufacturing enterprises can participate in the group projects, but also to the provincial and municipal foreign trade department, bureau active application.

  Strengthen the cooperation of the industry chain downstream

  Internationally renowned Equipment Manufacturing Company mostly to win. China's glass equipment industry as an industry, the system continues to be huge, the industry will be further subdivided, manufacturers will be designed to develop, the equipment industry chain will be extended. At the same time, glass production enterprises trying to improve production efficiency, requires high degree of integration of the deep processing production process each link, through the integration of industrial chain, business information in the win, market development, technology development and after-sales service so that all parties benefit, achieve a win-win or win-win effect.

  Organize and coordinate the work of the industry consolidation is an integral part of the industry chain cooperation, industry associations in the organization and coordination should be more actively play an important role, do a good job of industry standard, organization and coordination, communication and statistics. Situation and trend of the development and changes of the market analysis and research, regularly held seminars and related research results and the information notice issued, guide enterprises to market research formulated development strategy, strategy, expand export development.

  Develop marketing channels for international exhibitions

  Glass equipment industry depends on the international market is relatively high, for example, the proportion of Europe's main production in total exports Sales General in more than 70%, glass professional exhibition become one of effective channels of marketing. Glass equipment industry are actively participating in major exhibitions. For example, Italian Glass Machinery Association member of the organization for collective units abroad in Germany GLASSTEC, Italy VITRUM, China's ChinaGlass, American glassBuild, Russia MirStekla, Singapore GlasstechAsia and Brazil GlassSouthAmerica such as exhibitions. In almost all the big glass professional exhibition, the Italy Pavilion is the largest pavilion in foreign countries. In 2004 Tamglass company held the GPD conference in Finland and China, but also participated in 9 exhibitions. There are more than 10 large-scale professional exhibitions in the world of glass equipment and technology, including, VITRUM, ChinaGlass and GLASSTEC are not missed. China's glass equipment companies can also choose to participate in regional exhibitions for different regional markets.

  Foreign glass machinery industry image

  Out of many, of China shaped glass machinery brand to put efforts. This requires the industry association to take the lead, rely on export business support, through the formal channels of commercial publicity and public relations, external establish China glass machinery brand image. Italy and Germany's industry associations have made a model, their experience worthy of emulate. Italy Glass Machinery Association (GIMAV) a total of 75 business members, of which 61 tablet devices. Member companies accounted for 80% of the total industry, accounting for 77% of exports. German mechanical equipment manufacturing Federation (VDMA) there are German Glass Technology Association, the association has 60 business members. The two associations in their respective countries held the world famous glass machinery exhibition, they reach a tacit understanding, odd years in Italy, even years in Germany, avoid malicious competition, achieve balance of interests. These two associations appear in all major glass exhibitions, for the member companies for the overall publicity, the association also use industry mainstream media as member companies to expand the international market main array.

  At present, with the vision and strength of the large enterprises can also explore flexible marketing forms, such as holding an international seminar. Finland TAMGLASS practice is worth learning. Tamglass and BAVELLONI jointly organized "glass processing," (GPD) achieved great success and has been continuously sponsored "glass processing," (GPD) 8th and last meeting launched 230 lecture attracted nearly 900 delegates from 60 countries.