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Glass machinery enterprises eyes of 2014(发布日期:2014-12-06 14:00:36)

Representative enterprise: traditional glass, mechanical equipment enterprise

  View: 2014 situation is not optimistic, seeking development companies need to rely on their own

  Guangdong Province Lunjiao Glass Machinery Association, the Secretary General Long Yang Zhiwei: by glass industry production capacity surplus, low-end competition and economic situation, policies and regulations of the enterprise development, in 2014 the glass machinery industry situation is expected to not optimistic view.

  Shenzhen Handong Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. chairman He Changdu: 2014, most enterprises take the status of low price competition, still can not be changed, the enterprise to survive and will rely on innovation, promotion and mining technical force.

  Representative enterprise: energy-saving machinery and equipment enterprise

  Viewpoint: energy saving product market need to increase, the industry development trend is gratifying

  Shanghai a executive vice general Zhao Zidong Coating Technology Co., Ltd., with further increase efforts to promote energy-saving products, single silver Low-E glass, double silver Low-E glass products in 2014 have larger development space.

 Standing at the time of the beginning of the end of the node, many enterprises have been well on the work of the past year summary and prospects of the new year to work. Through the interview of different representatives of machinery and equipment industry, we may be able to see the different development between the 2013 different sectors of the rhythm, at the same time, but also glimpse the trend of future development of the industry.

  Traditional glass equipment industry

  Not very optimistic

  "According to the situation now, next year to maintain the current status of this is good." Secretary of Guangdong Province Lunjiao Glass Machinery Association, the Secretary General Yang Zhiwei is expected next year, Guangdong Province of glass machinery industry is very conservative. He said, affected by the economic situation, the real estate policy and the glass industry overcapacity situation influence, is expected for the next to the glass machinery industry, the situation is not optimistic view.

  As the gathering of Chinese traditional glass machinery and equipment industry, the development of pressure over the past year in Lunjiao town is relatively large. Glass industry overcapacity on the influence of traditional glass machinery and equipment industry is very intuitive, in order to survive, between enterprises to keep the prices down is more serious, and small and medium-sized enterprises of mechanical equipment generally felt that is very difficult to gain the profit.

  "The reason for this is that the development of small and medium enterprises is not separated.. A lot of glass machinery enterprises or in the low-end competition route, vicious price situation is particularly serious in last year." Yang Zhiwei said.

  Lunjiao town gathered most of the small glass equipment enterprises is still in by imitating European advanced technology to carry out a certain degree of improvement, all of a sudden difficult to form independent innovation of enterprises, and then change the repeat the low-end competition atmosphere in the industry. There is the awareness of independent innovation of the so-called large glass machinery enterprises and industry, scale is relatively small to ensure sustainable ability of independent innovation funding for these enterprises is difficult, in the short term is difficult to form a big change. At the same time, the entire market digestive ability is limited, so many companies in the past year can be maintained the status quo has been good.

  "There may be some companies in the future will take to narrow the scale, reduce funding, consider the management upgrade, technology innovation, improve efficiency and other practices to remain competitive. But to talk about the occurrence of the industry changes in the next two or three years should not appear." Yang Zhiwei said.

 For the current status quo, whether the enterprise can carry out industry integration, change the vicious cycle of low-end competition? Yang Zhiwei said that the industry companies believe that this is good, but also have this desire, but there is no enterprise ability to stand out for industry integration. This hope for the future or the hope that the strength of the big business, perhaps they can work on the industry chain, to a certain preferential prices for small businesses, commissioned them to process. Lunjiao town gathered a lot of small glass machinery enterprises, but also the cluster effect did not play very well.

  To continue to serve in Lunjiao town, the majority of glass machinery and equipment businesses, Yang Zhiwei said that the focus of the work of the new year the association mainly concentrated in helping enterprises to provide more opportunity to display, open up the market to sell. For the future of the industry pattern changes, the association in this regard can only play a guiding role. In the market as the basic role of the preparation of resources under the economic system, the industry pattern of changes depends on the strength of the enterprise itself.

  Glass machinery equipment enterprise

  Develop on your own

  When it comes to last year industry is facing major setbacks, the chairman He Changdu Shenzhen Handong Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. blurt out words is "price competition". He said that the same industry, the company blindly to get market share price to get the practice of the market environment is very optimistic last year, the market environment. At the same time, the overall economic environment of the recession has also added to the industry development external difficulties. But his statement and Yang Zhiwei in Lunjiao town overall judgement agree without prior without previous consultation.

  And the same as the degree of future market economy judgment. He Changdu said that due to the relatively little demand for the market, the impact of real estate policies to the industry is undoubtedly, the current downturn will continue to exist for a long time. He said that in the face of a survival problem in the industry, the industry's internal unity is not enough, most companies take the status of low-cost competition is bound to be difficult to change in a short time.

  But live or live." He Changdu said with a smile.

  The guiding role of the national technology for the industry enterprise is obvious, but the problem of the fund is mainly for the enterprise itself.. "How much money to do", He Changdu think this is the most practical ideas for the enterprise to get development. Compared with the foreign counterparts, the domestic glass equipment industry as a whole there is considerable room for improvement, whether it is quality, appearance, etc., and others can not compare. Enterprise to survive or rely on their own innovation, improve and tap the technical force.

  For the working train of thought of a new year, He Changdu said Shenzhen Handong mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. will mainly focus on existing products continue to improve, the focus on the automation of machinery and equipment products promotion, so as to glass deep processing industry to reduce labor, reduce labor costs.

 Energy saving machinery and equipment enterprise

 Future development period

  Obviously different from the traditional machinery and equipment industry representatives of the trend of the future is expected, Shanghai sub hit Coating Technology Co., Ltd. Zhao Zidong, executive vice president of the new year's expectations for the development of new year's business to be optimistic about many. For the existing product technology upgrades and new markets to be opened is full of hope.

  "Although the impact of real estate policies, so that many of the first half of last year plans to invest in energy-saving glass production line of glass companies in a wait-and-see state, coating equipment sales will also be affected. But entered after the second half of the year, the provincial and ministerial level units, including some municipal units launched some policies to encourage, so our business so far in the Low-E glass market and energy-saving glass market overall development should say is good. " Zhao Zidong said.

  With the efforts to promote energy-saving products further increase, Zhao Zidong expected the new year across the country may be on a single silver Low-E glass product promotion efforts to show potential everywhere; and double silver Low-E glass will in some economically developed areas such as Yangtze River Delta, the first tier cities developed slowly. Therefore, the industry development trend is more optimistic.

  To this end, the son of the film will not only continue to develop in the new year, energy-saving glass coating industry, will also explore, the production of other glass industry coating equipment.

  "For example, we have developed ITO coating equipment for large screen coating equipment; in addition, it also includes the ultra high permeability coated glass of green greenhouse used in modern agriculture. We anticipate that these aspects of market demand will be relatively good." Zhao Zidong said.

 Open up wider energy saving equipment market momentum, a coating plans to create a more high-end double silver Low-E glass, and opened up new equipment in the field, namely coating of the display of large screen to adapt to nowadays development trend of electronic equipment. For the new year product sales expectations, Zhao Zidong said the single silver Low-E glass coating line is expected to continue to expand the market share. Early last year, the plan for the single silver Low-E line 5 ~6, double silver Low-E line 3 ~4, the output value of about 3 more than, ITO coating industry is about 7 million ~8 million.

  Different from the traditional glass mechanical equipment industry, the coating glass industry products as long as the adjustment parameters, coating way can achieve different functional results. As the domestic advanced coating equipment manufacturing enterprises. Zhao Zidong said of domestic equipment product performance and foreign brands equipment in there is still a certain gap, and our advantage lies in the product price is relatively higher. As an energy saving equipment supplier, can not only consider the product performance, but also to consider the customer's affordability, so that customers can spend a certain amount of money to achieve a certain effect. To make the quality of the products, to meet the market demand of customer products, this is also the son of a coating as equipment providers to focus on aspects, also of technical research and development is also a overall direction. "I think this could be a more pragmatic direction for development." Zhao Zidong said.