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Laser machining of glass mechanical parts greatly improve the pr(发布日期:2014-12-06 13:50:21)

      2014 global glass laser machinery malls steep increase, and in 2014 will be more optimistic, our country is still glass machinery industry lasers and laser system is most important use of shopping malls, thanks to our country glass machinery industry continued to carry out policies and regulations to support. Not the same industry in innovation, more and more use to promote the development of our national laser glass machinery industry.

  2014 our country laser glass machinery industry's overall revenue and 2013 equal, and presents the xianyanghouyi trend. In the meantime, the laser system used in the machining of glass mill parts has a large share of the total revenue in the sale of our national laser and glass machinery industry.. In the first half of 2014, glass grinding machine side plate and glass machinery industry of high power laser equipment demand increased significantly compared to the, a slight decline in the second half of the estimated in 2014 first half of the year, short-term depression needs will be released, showed a trend of increase in volume.

 Glass grinding machine parts and glass machinery industry with comprehensive use cost is low, the beam quality senior many advantages, fiber glass laser machinery industry soon is laser cut boot using the receiver. Fiber laser is suitable for the low power marking machine, also can assemble in the high power cut on the power, and constantly break power limit.

  At present, some of our country rely on imported high power fiber laser. Follow kilowatts of domestic class all fiber laser recently jointly developed, our country master kW fiber laser machine integration and large-scale production of key skills and relevant skills, in sheet metal cutting, welding and other category made important use.

  In fiber laser technology, a new generation of optical fiber laser appeared in 2014 in Munich, Shanghai Light Bo; and Han's laser, Jinan gold strong domestic and foreign enterprises will also in Munich, Shanghai Light Bo will deduce the preemptive laser production and processing skills. It is worth mentioning is that Han's laser, fiber laser cut boot award honors. It has the function of the best matching, the company series fiber laser cut boot has occupied a large domestic some market share, 2014 and a sales success.

  The machining industry of glass mill and edge machining industry is important for machining the parts of machining center.. Follow the deepening of the competition, the metal glass machinery industry chain of all stages of the profit margins are tight, the price cut space is gradually reduced. Our national sheet metal shopping arcade competition will be converted into high-quality, highly skilled content goods competition.

  In recent years, the domestic industry automation and flexibility degree is not high, into a set of line capacity needs to be improved and companies come to realize the laser incision skill compared to the traditional processing skills more cost advantage; therefore in the glass machinery industry in urgent need of promotion under the current situation, the kilowatt high power laser cut boot can be widely used and become highlight of a rapid increase in the sheet metal machinery in our country. At the same time the progress of science and technology, laser 3D network open remote cut into industry buzzwords, global glass machinery industry laser and glass grinding machine side plate processing equipment manufacturing company beat fast founding through fast laser network, namely two glass machinery by a light source, according to the scope of application, the use of laser network to achieve a combination of other glass machinery types.

 Thus, laser system vendors strive to develop a variety of skills, innovation of laser technology and mechanical and electrical integration skills and modern information skills useful to combine, for metal glass grinding machine parts and glass machinery industry supply functions more powerful laser processing system.