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Glass machinery industry upgrading, into the era of CNC(发布日期:2014-12-06 13:53:03)

      China has become the "manufacturing power", but the glass machinery industry has not gotten rid of the extensive type, extension development pattern, core technology and key technology master is not much, less independent innovation products, value-added is not high, the core competitiveness is not strong, is not manufacturing power.

  To make a comprehensive survey of the world, China's manufacturing is not only facing the low middle - end competition of other developing countries, but also the pressure of reviving advanced manufacturing by western developed countries. In this regard, the application of numerical control technology to achieve the full innovation and upgrading of machinery products, has important strategic significance.

 Global implementation of the upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and mechanical product history shows that, steam engine in the glass edge grinding machine by human production era into the era of mechanical and electrical technology the glass edge grinding machine is composed of a mechanical age into the electric era, numerical control technology is the glass edge grinding machine by electric chemical era jumped to the digital age; in the foreseeable future, the glass edge grinding machine will be by the digital age entered the era of intelligent.

  It is reported that at the beginning of 2011, proposed on the implementation of the "digital generation" glass grinding machine product innovation in engineering, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry, national development and Reform Commission attaches great importance to, after in-depth research officially launched the "a generation of CNC glass grinding machine product innovation application demonstration project. Chongqing city is approved as the first batch of national numerical control of a pilot provinces and cities of the first four pilot provinces and cities.