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Glass machinery companies can not withstand the cold, in the pre(发布日期:2014-12-06 13:57:11)

      In the face of the glass industry, "domestic trouble and foreign invasion" bogged down, glass machinery enterprise life is not better.

  Reporter survey found that not only a small factory, but the crisis, even some of the larger glass machinery companies also in the plight of down, the same decline in exports. If the enterprises want to survive, must Lianhaoneigong, establish "China glass machinery" brand.

  Drag the domestic trouble and foreign invasion in glass industry

  "At present, the glass industry encountered unprecedented difficulties, such as overcapacity, demand reduction, fierce competition, etc.." Foshan Linshi glass machinery limited company salesman Liu Yi said in an interview with reporters.

  In order to account for the glass more than 70% of the production of flat glass, for example, the data show that in the first six months of this year, domestic enterprises produced a total of flat glass 3.7 million weight boxes, down 3.1%; inventory was 447.5 million weight boxes, year-on-year growth of 26.1%; flat glass manufacturing industry losses of 4.9 billion yuan.

  Liu Yi said that the glass industry is in deep trouble, is caused by the internal and external problems: in China, affected by the decline in real estate regulation and macroeconomic growth, glass industry in the two major traditional products, flat glass and glass market demand are subject to different degrees of inhibition; and in foreign countries, due to the impact of the European debt crisis, European solar subsidy policy all the way down, the European Union and the start of the of China PV industry "double reverse survey, plus the United States issued to Chinese solar" double reverse survey results, resulting in a sharp decline in external demand.

  After nearly 1 years of the entire industry downturn, the outlook for the glass industry is still not optimistic. According to Guotai Junan Securities monitoring. At present, glass prices are still low, although the traditional peak season has arrived, but the demand improvement is not obvious. Short term stocks rebound, lower processing enterprises inventory to maintain a lower level of caution.

  "The glass industry is in deep trouble, glass machinery enterprise of the day certainly also have a hard time." Liu Yi said that this year there have been two or three large glass machinery enterprises "inverted" under the and the closure or a career change in a small factory is countless.

  Affected by this, glass machinery exports are not optimistic. Liu Yi said, with its company as an example, the original product exports to Germany, Finland, South Africa and other countries, exports as high as millions of dollars. This year, the company received a sharp reduction in the export orders, the amount of the order only a hundred thousand dollars.

  Companies need to train

  "At present, China has thousands of glass machinery enterprises, but most of them are small and medium enterprises, there are irrational industrial structure, industry concentration in labour intensive products and technology intensive products lagged behind in developed countries, industrial energy consumption and output rate low, environmental pollution dye serious, weak technological innovation ability and management level backward problems." Shanghai Wang Hao Glass Machinery Co., Ltd. business manager Wu Gang told reporters.

  It is understood that the Chinese glass machinery industry enlightenment in the last century 80's, starting in the last century 90's, initially most of the domestic foreign investment enterprises. With the transfer of the world processing plant and the rapid development of China's related industry, glass machinery processing industry is developing rapidly in China. Early glass machinery production enterprise in Shenzhen ivaco Industry Development Co., Ltd. as the representative, then gradually expand to two regions of the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. At the beginning of the 20th century, Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and other relatively concentrated industrial district, the development area has expanded to the Shandong Peninsula to the Bohai Sea region and a number of cities in the mainland to diffusion.

  "Because of the construction safety regulations of many countries to the architectural glass is a mandatory, so high-rise building energy-saving requirements will push the high demand for Low-E (Low-E) safety insulating glass." Wu Gang said the major glass machinery enterprises should increase R & D and production of E - Low glass and its processing equipment, to win the future.

  In the face of the current dilemma, Wu suggested, first of all, glass machinery enterprises should strictly implement the national macro-control policies, and resolutely shutting down energy-saving standards, production line of low - level redundant construction; secondly, increase the intensity of merger and reorganization, improve the industry concentration degree; finally, to encourage enterprises to independent innovation, strengthen R & D efforts in the new type of mechanical and positive transformation and upgrading of the.

  Out of many, the urgent need to build China glass machinery brand on the agenda. Wu Gang believes that this need to be led by the industry association, relying on export business support, through formal channels of commercial publicity and public relations, external establish China glass machinery brand image.